Adoption course

Our first step in the adoption journey we were asked to attend a 4-day adoption course. We arrived at the village hall quite nervous but signed in and we were given name tags and offered tea and coffee. There were 5 other couples on the course all from different set ups, a single mum who was a foster carer and looking to adopt the child and already had a birth son, a couple with no children, a couple that were foster carers and wanting the adopt the baby in their care and another two couple with grown up birth children.

We did an ice breaker and introduced ourselves. Over the course we met parents that had already adopted and listened to their stories, adults that had been adopted as children and their stories and a number of different social workers that talked us through each stage.

The most difficult and traumatic day for us was the talk on abuse physical, emotional and sexual, we knew we would have to hear this but found I very difficult to comprehend and take in. On the journey home that day I felt like I’d been hit by a bus, I remember going straight to Tesco’s and buying a bottle of wine and drinking it when we got in. We did the feedback form and talked it through but still agreed that this was what we wanted to do. The next day had a more positive approach with previous adopters telling us about how they felt when they passed panel and then got to meet their children it was so lovely to hear.

We then exchanged numbers and email addresses with the other prospective adopters

One of the questions I did ask was is there any literature on the affect adoption of a new child would have on our older birth children of which there was a lack of hence why I wanted to write this blog.


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