Let the roller coaster commence…

Myself and Mr G both have two daughters mine of which live with us when we started the journey they were 13 and 11. Coming from both difficult and complicated marriages we decided that we would like to bring a child up together in a happy loving relationship. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have a child together, we considered both adoption and IVF. We decided to try IVF first, we found this whole process really impersonal and clinical and neither of us felt it was right so after one attempt that was unsuccessful we decided to look into adoption.



We rang our local social services and were invited to go to an adoption information evening. It was pouring with rain and we sat nervously in the car park eyeing up all the other adopters as they arrived.   We walked in and it was an informal chat with social workers and an adopted parent that told his story. We sat and listened, all the time I was wondering what Mr G was thinking not sure if he would be prepared to follow this through while I was worrying if we would be at a disadvantage as we already had birth children.

At the end of the chat we waited to speak to the social worker, we told her about our situation and asked if we would still be considered, she was lovely and said yes of course there just needed to be at least a 7 year age gap and as we had girls the recommendation would be a boy!

In the car we had a chat and agreed that the whole evening just seemed right and we both wanted to go ahead, and neither of us had considered a boy as we had presumed having girls would mean they would recommend a girl we were both really excited.

So the whole adoption process roller coaster started!


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