Telling the girls

We had left mentioning this to my birth daughters until after the course as we wanted to be sure that this was for us. We had heard that a high percentage of prospective adopters dropped out after completing the course.

We sat the girls down and told them what we were going to do, my eldest was fine my youngest burst into tears and ran into her bedroom!

Just to explain a little background a year previously their father had a daughter and since that time he has treated the girls very differently and they struggled with it.

After a chat and after she had calmed down we explained that things would change but we would still treat them and love them the same.

We asked their opinion on what they would like a brother or a sister and what sort of age?

They said they would like a brother as they already had sisters and they didn’t want a baby. We took this on board and when filling out the paperwork we said we would like to be considered for a boy aged between 2 and 5 years old my only condition was I wanted to take him for his first day at school.





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