Meeting our Social worker

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while just been on our amazing first holiday as a 5 to Disneyworld, a very special 2 weeks making the best memories.

“The lovely J”

We were both nervous about meeting her for the first time as we knew she would play a key part in our adoption process so it was important she liked us and we could get on with her.

Luckily for us she was just lovely and we both clicked with her straight away it helped that she loved my house and my love of Emma Bridgewater mugs!

She started by asking us about our lives from birth until present day, luckily for us we are both quite open people and don’t mind discussing quite difficult and personal things, sadly another couple that was on our adoption course couldn’t cope with how intrusive the questioning was and called us to let us know that they had pulled out of the process, we had been told that this was quite common and a high percentage or prospective adopters drop out at this stage.

We were then told that we had to write our life stories in our own words from childhood to present day. Although we found this quite therapeutic we also found this quite difficult and emotional as not only did we have to visit some happy memories we also had to write about some very difficult times we had been through.

This took a while to do but on the plus side we got to know a lot about each other that we had never found out before.


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