Our next meeting discussing our past relationships

I think this meeting was possibly one of the most difficult we had. Just to explain a little my husband had a really difficult split from his ex-wife which involved his own daughters being turned against him and after 5 years he was still struggling to even see them let alone have a relationship with them. It brought back all the emotions and guilt that he had been through over the past 5 years. He was torn between more rejection once they knew he was trying to adopt, the guilt of wanting to adopt and have the chance at being a dad again. I just kept trying to reassure him that he had always been a good dad, he hadnโ€™t left his girls he had left an unhappy marriage and he deserved a chance at being a dad to another little person that needed one.

After this was done our next job was to give them some people that would be prepared to give us references, this also meant that they had to obtain references from ex partners.


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