Meeting little A’s Social Worker


Its been a while, with birthdays, christmas shopping, college work and just general busy life time has flown !

I so love Christmas its my favourite time, just sometimes a bit bittersweet knowing i still have two parents that are still alive but choose to not have a relationship with me, but knowing that it is the best thing for my own mental health brings me back to my very gorgeous family of 5 and fantastic friends! Christmas here we come.

A meeting was arranged by social services to meet Little A’s social worker, where he could give us some more information on A and how he was doing in foster care and he could then assess us to see if we were a suitable match for him.

He was quite an awkward fellow and spent a while criticising general social services and how they put to much pressure on their staff ! he then persisted to upset me by trying to make excuses for my parents negative adoption reference blaming there age, after he left I was in tears so not a good start.

However we didn’t give up he took our details and asked us questions and also why we thought that A would be a good match we explained that we had both had a connection and the fact that we had opened the profile two days before his birthday meant something.

He said that A had settled really well in foster care, was a happy very loving little boy and had started attending nursery which he had also settled well into.  He then had to go away look into our profiles and A’s and see of we were able to go ahead with the matching process and any concerns he may have.  Another waiting game !

I have just realised while writing this his 6th birthday is next week so i am now writing about 3 years ago !  Time has flown, this morning i spent watching his Nativity play and this afternoon i will be busy packing birthday presents.  couldn’t imagine life without him.

IMG_7955 (1).jpg




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