Finally meeting A


Can’t believe we will soon be at the end of Feb ! For me its been a brilliant month celebrating my birthday at the Dormy House and then a weekend away with friends for our anniversary, time to have a rest from the bubbles.  Also a lovely half term with the family and even a little sign of spring in the air.

Matching panel was on the 12th February our second wedding anniversary, it was strange because the potential adopters are not invited to attend only the birth parents if they wish so for us it was a waiting game at home ! we decided to go out for brunch to stop us pacing around the house.  Panel was at 11am and our social worker said she would call us as soon as she new anything.  The parents are invited to attend and can at this stage still stop the adoption proceedings by objecting so I’m sure you can imagine we were both really nervous.

We eventually got a phone call at 2.30 to say we had been successful !! and A was to be our son, we were so relieved and ecstatic, the first thing we did was call the girls at school to let them know the were so happy we then called  Grandma.

Our next job was to make a book and a dvd to give to A’s foster carers for the introduction process we had 2 weeks to do this.  Making the dvd was hilarious, none of us are really born actors or actresses and the number of retakes was ridiculous but we had lots of laughs making it and its a memory we can laugh about for years.  We gave both to the social worker which she then passed onto the foster carers.

Just to explain  a bit about how this process works the foster carers show A the book and each page has a different room of our house and one of his bedroom so he becomes familiar with his new home.  They then show him the dvd which has all of us introducing ourselves and showing him around and even stars Stanley the dog. (we later found out that he asked to watch this about 5 times a day)

I went into work to let them know the news and that i would be starting my adoption leave in two weeks ! Excited as I was, I was a little nervous I’d already taken a career break when I had my daughters and had been back working for the last 8 years so was a little nervous of doing it again especially as I was now in my 40s.

Adoption leave started and we were then given our dates for introduction process.  The first meeting was due to take place on a Monday at 3pm for a couple of hours, the next day we get to go over and bath A and read him a story.  the next day we get to go out but with the foster carers for a couple of hours.  Then we are able to take him out on our own for the day and then take him back at tea time and so on for a week.  The second week we actually get to take him to our house in the daytime.

We just couldn’t wait.