Introduction process



Happy Easter. I love this time of year, spring flowers, sunshine if we’re lucky and Easter egg hunts. This year I’ve even taught myself to crochet easter baskets and fitted in a family trip to Barcelona.

Going through the adoption process has not only completed our little family its been a emotional journey for me with the breakdown of my relationship of my own parents, something that is for all the right reasons but extremely difficult and hard to deal with.  The guilt as they are getting older and more vulnerable, the girls who I have never stopped them seeing coming home with snippets of whats going on in there lives and how difficult it is for them sometime as teenagers to understand the situation.

All I can do is think that for me its the right decision mentally, and they made the choice to not change and hence not have a relationship with their lovely grandson who could of added so much to their lives.

After the initial first meeting the next day involved going to the foster carers to give A his tea and put him to bed.  We arrived at 4pm and again were greeted with a big hug and taken outside to play in the garden, we then gave him his tea and took him upstairs to give him a bath.  It was such a surreal experience taking this little boy who already was so giving,  but we still hardly new and bath him and put him to bed, but just bathing him started to build such a strong emotional connection between us both, we dressed him and he chose a story I sat on the bed as Matthew read to him we then said good night and kissed him goodbye.

The rest of this week involved us taking him out with the foster carers to the park and and then at the end of the week we went to get him up and dressed and actually getting to take him out ourselves!

Daunting as it was we were both excited, the sun was shining so we packed a picnic and a football and took him to our local park. He was brilliant and loved the park, played football and then loved a huge vanilla ice bream (still his favourite).  We then took him back where the girls were due to come around and meet him for the first time.

We waited at the window for them to arrive he was really excited and so were they yet a little nervous, the foster carers were brilliant in this process to and so welcoming to the girls, it all went really well, when we left he waved goodbye to all of us shouting our names, we had been told he didn’t like goodbye, so we all said “see you soon”.

It was then time for a day off and the following week it was his turn to come to our house and visit his new home.





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