Little A moves in


Wow another month goes by ! and i now have a 15 year old !

I’ve had a bit of a wobble this month A’s been having a few issues with his behaviour at school related to loosing his birth mother last year and the delayed reaction to the grief and dealing with his emotions, and I received a letter from my mother, which after 2 and a half years of not hearing from her came as a shock and also a big confusion of emotions for me.

But with support from from Mr G, friends and A’s lovely teacher, we’re getting through.   The adoption team and A’s school are working together with Winston’s Wish, and for the time being I’m giving myself some time to sort out my emotions before I do meet my mum for a cup of tea.

But to cheer me up on Friday we went to see Giffords Circus, if you haven’t been please do its brilliant, we were told about it on our adoption course by one of the ladies that had adopted 3 girls and said it was like a little bit of magic! She was right we’ve taken A every year since we’ve had him and he loves it too, plus you get to have a cuppa our of an Emma Bridgewater teapot !

Wow ! the day has come for A to finally move in we were both so excited as were Daisy and Molly, and couldn’t wait to go and pick him up at 10am.  Daisy and Molly were at school so we drove over to the foster carers, they were already with A’s bags all packed, it was a real mixture of emotions even though were excited you feel so sad for the foster carers who have done such an amazing job and were struggling to hold back their tears.  We put all of his bits in the car and then came back to the front door to take A.

He was fine and happy to come he said goodbye to S and B and we popped him in his car seat, I gave them both a hug and started crying Matthew shed a tear too, poor B had her tissues out i mouthed “thank you” and we drove off, we both felt so sad and guilty for what we had done, but it is the right thing but so so hard.

I take my hat off to the amazing work foster carers do they don’t get enough recognition for what they do.  Five minutes along the road A said “red” and pointed at the traffic light ! it made us giggle as in his little world for now he’d just moved on the his next chapter.

Then we were finally 5 with of course Stanley the dog.

It was so lovely having him home and i couldn’t wait for the girls to come home, when they were due in we took A out onto the wall and when he saw them he shouted “Daisy, Molly” and gave them a big smile.  It was a lovely day so we ate tea in the garden then gave him a bath and i couldn’t wait to tuck him in for the first night in his own Thomas bed in his own bedroom.

That night we both read him a story said goodnight and he just went straight of to sleep.  We went to check on him a little while later maybe expecting him to still be awake or upset and he was fast asleep, we both looked and said that other people admire us for what we have done but we could just pinch ourselves that we’ve been given a little boy, he’s all ours and finally sleeping in our house.